Sunday, August 30, 2009

Who's Hot?: Scott McGillvray

Haha! I know if my hubby see this post, he would be like "Who TH is Scott McGillvray!?"

OK, first, this is my new series - "Who's Hot?" it's about all celebrity hot guys(of my view, of course!). So it's safe, right? Honey??lol

Back to the Hot man...

Scott McGillvray
The host of "Income Property" on HGTV

"For nearly 10 years Scott McGillivray has been turning real estate into real income. What started out as a university project to help homeowners generate additional income by creating rentable rooms in their homes has grown into a successful business of working with builders and renters to help homeowners offset their mortgage expenses."

I mean, look, he's hot, isn't he? He could be an actor! Obviously he's not just a host of TV show, but he's REAL!lol So he's good-looking, he's smart, he has a cute smile, n he's a REAL man.

My first MUST for guys is, has to be "MAN", not just a man, but real "man". I said "real man", not meaning "non-gay", but gotta be If you see my hubby, he's really really It turn me off when guys have a girly side(like think like a girl), or a girly body(like skinny twig arms... EWWWWWW!!), so if they have "man" thoughts n "man" body, even gay men could be hot.

Now, another thing, I think most of girls agree, but when we feel hot in men is, when men do something we girls cannot do. Like lift heavy stuff easily, or fixing something... Yep, my hubby has all those things! Haha!lol Alright, alright, enough about my hubby, huh?

So this Scott McGillvray, I know that not many of you know him yet, but trust me, it's worth to tune HGTV n see his show at least once!lol The show itself is good already anyway. His smile makes the show even


  1. I am totally and completely in love with him!!
    I never want the show to end because I just want to keep staring at him! I love the show and what he does, but looking at him makes it even better!

  2. he is sooooo hot!!!!! i love his show i wish it was little bit longer than 30 min (maybe 1 hour)i cant get enouhg of scott.

  3. He is so HOT!!! He's the only reason why I watch Income Property. I don't care about the design and $$$ the soon to be landlord will save. I can watch him all day and all night long. ***sigh***

  4. he is so obviously gay ...but whatever works for doubt he and his wife have an arrangement that has them both as comfortable as possible.....too bad people have to hide...and grow beards.....

  5. What do you mean he's gay? His wife is so prettyyyyy >.< hahaa damn he's taken


  7. another asian woman lusting for white knight savior syndrome. Get a grip!

  8. He must be bisexual. Just too good looking to be totally straight.

  9. C'mon you people out there!!!! there's lot's of extra good-looking men who aren't gay, and why is it that almost now the first thought that comes to everyone's mind is if he's good-looking then he's got to be gay.

  10. He's not gay - - he's just "smart" and doesn't sound like an incompetent brute like you might expect from a guy who wears t-shirts and jeans for a living. Being from the US, his voice dos throw me a bit and I admit I wondered he same thing at first, but after watching more, I can tell he's definitely straight. Yea! (Well, at least for his wife!)

  11. Some real morons posting here, and of course, under the guise of using anonymous to hide who they are.

    Scott is hot. I'd like to think he's gay because I am and he's exactly the kind of guy I go for.(and yes, I'm close to the same in comparison so please don't flame me as a "fag" etc. all you rude posters)

    I think he's hot in all the ways that matter. He's very handsome, he has a great smile, he's got a sense of humor, he's very intelligent, he can think things through and come up with the best option without it being a real hard thing for him to do. He's skilled in his craft and he knows how to get in there and get dirty and get it done.

    So I agree with you RollinMama - Scott's HOT! And attractive in so many ways and on so many levels.

    He might have an attraction for men as well as women, who knows? Who cares? Doesn't change who he is.

  12. I LOVE watching Scott... he's HOT! And he is not an American. He was born and raised in Ontario. And I am so tired of reading at every forum if a man is handsome, then he must be gay, bisexual or feminine. Shame on those posters.

  13. Maki, while I appreciate people's right to love or hate, I must say that I find your statement about 'girly' man to be less than 'Real' man, quite sickening! Do you think those 'girly' men choose to behave the way they do? If being macho was what makes a man a 'Real' man so many would not be behind bars. It is time we question our attitude toward others, because in mist instances we were cultured to hold such prejudices. Therefore women are traditionally viewed as weak and subservient to men; as such men who are said to act like women are greatly ostracised.


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