Monday, August 24, 2009

Spelling Notebook

So I already showed the flash card I made(in the post "Seriously???") for my 1st grader son, John. That was for new vocabularies, which he has to be able to READ.

There's another thing for this 1st grader... Spelling... Of course it's much harder than just reading. For now he has to learn spelling of 10 vocabularies each week. And there's test on every Thursday.

There's a couple of piece of papers always attached on the composition notebook which he brings home from school, I guess it supposed to be homework... I mean, it's probably what the students are REQUIRED to do at home, AT LEAST. Well it's probably enough for some smart kids to memorize those spelling. But is that enough for our son? Hmmm... Ugh... No.

Again, I feel bad for him that he has to do a lot, but I made this notebook a while ago, n he's been using this for spelling practice.

I use the notebook which he would like. I would say, ENOUGH composition books already! Kids love these character notebooks, so let them use it! N since he's still in 1st grade, I add lines on each page so it'll be easy for him practicing "neat" writing. I've found the website which you can print out these lined pages with some characters on, it's very nice actually, but it would cost a lot after a while... N it's just hard too keep all printing stuff. So I think using a notebook is easier. It works great for us.

Oh, well... It's almost time to pick him up from school,

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  1. I'm all for character notebooks myself - if your little man does have a hard time with the spelling - the reading specialist came up with a strategy that works GREAT for my 3rd grader (spelling is a struggle) he writes it, arranges it with scrabble letters, and then writes it with his finger on a textured surface. Each word, all three ways, for some reason that clicks and my guy went from failing tests to getting 80% or better. crazy.

  2. Wow, thanks, CailinMarie! That sounds so helpful... I definitely try that one!!! Gotta go look for our scrabble... (btw, is that one of must-have? I think most of families own scrabble??lol)


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