Monday, January 4, 2010

The Package from My Mom


She supposed to send me Japanese icy pad n stuff for neck n shoulder(it's very very popular in Japan... N it's cheaper.), because I get migrain from tention headache coming from neck n shoulder. I usually take Excedrin Tention Headache, but now I cannot take them... So I asked her. She went to the store to get them, n sent'em out to me right away! Not only that, as usual she sent a LOT OF Japanese candies n snacks for kids n us! Did I tell you Japanese candies n snacks are the best?

Anyway, the kids are SUPER DUPER HAPPY with all that, n I am already feeling better with the thing for my neck my mom sent me... I love my

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N I got a cold...

I just realized that the one for the new year greeting was not sent to my blog page even tho my Blackberry said it's sent... Hmmm... Well so I just resent it, n now it's a LATE new year greeting...
Oh, well... The reason I didn't find out that it was not updated... Yep, I got a cold n I've been in sick bed... Stuffy nose, continuous sneeze, coughing, n my lips are chopped so badly... I cannot take those cold meds, of course, gee I wish I could take Nyquil... I don't wanna eat meat... Last night I couldn't even eat my lovely tomatoes! What is wrong with me!!!lol
I hate being sick... Ugh. Then my hubby said "Who likes being sick?" Good point. But you know what? I liked being sick when I was a child. Why? Because my mom spoiled First I got to stay home, then my mom went to stores n got me cake, ice cream, comic books, magazines... Just to cheer me up. N she made some special meals basically whatever I could eat. I miss my mom...lmao
Well, my hubby is helping me a lot tho... He's the world greatest hubby... OK, But anyway, he's been really good hubby since we found that I'm pregnant again. I couldn't ask for more, really. So I end up starting the new year with sicky days, but this year sure looks good!
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Happy New Year!!!

This year, we decided to try... or should I say I decided to MAKE them(my fam.) TO TRY Japanese style New Year's meal. Well, it's still not all of it, we'll have REAL ones after we go back to Japan... Anyway, it's pretty, isn't it?

I also made "Zouni"(Mochi soup), it's also the first time challenge to eat Mochi for my hubby n kids. My hubby didn't really like it because it's too sticky, he said. The kids were having a lil difficult time, but they kinda liked it. Oh well, what the hell, I am pregnant so they gotta eat whatever I wanna eat! Hahaha!!

Yes, I am pregnant... That's gonna be our third kids...

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