Monday, January 4, 2010

N I got a cold...

I just realized that the one for the new year greeting was not sent to my blog page even tho my Blackberry said it's sent... Hmmm... Well so I just resent it, n now it's a LATE new year greeting...
Oh, well... The reason I didn't find out that it was not updated... Yep, I got a cold n I've been in sick bed... Stuffy nose, continuous sneeze, coughing, n my lips are chopped so badly... I cannot take those cold meds, of course, gee I wish I could take Nyquil... I don't wanna eat meat... Last night I couldn't even eat my lovely tomatoes! What is wrong with me!!!lol
I hate being sick... Ugh. Then my hubby said "Who likes being sick?" Good point. But you know what? I liked being sick when I was a child. Why? Because my mom spoiled First I got to stay home, then my mom went to stores n got me cake, ice cream, comic books, magazines... Just to cheer me up. N she made some special meals basically whatever I could eat. I miss my mom...lmao
Well, my hubby is helping me a lot tho... He's the world greatest hubby... OK, But anyway, he's been really good hubby since we found that I'm pregnant again. I couldn't ask for more, really. So I end up starting the new year with sicky days, but this year sure looks good!
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