Thursday, October 28, 2010

What is she staring at...?

It's cold in the house this morning again. I made her blanket yesterday, well I just sewed around the super soft material I found at a store, but anyway she loves it(yep, I am into crafting lately... It's just that time of season;)).

Anyway, she looks comfy in her new blanket, n staring at something... actually somebody.

Michele was singing and dancing for her sister cuz the baby was crying... that's what she

Michele has been very helpful. Yea, sometimes too much, but she's never even been jealous of her. When Ilah is crying, she sings for her, talks to her, dances for her, n she's very patient. Ilah loves Michele too. When Michele keeps singing for her, she really stops crying. I guess it won't be long until they start to sleep in the same room.:))

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crazy Hat Day!

So today is Crazy Hat Day. I could just decorate one of their hat, but I wanted make it somehow. And I decided to knit. The problem was that I had only 1 day to make not one but two. It's gotta be something easy. Well, I can knit only straight ones

It took really all day but I did it! Here's the knit caps I made.;))

Hahaha, it's not bad as it's made in 1 day, is it? It's for Crazy Hat Day and they loved it!

It's also good cuz it's super cold today too. I wish I had one of those!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Pajama Day!

Yep, I guess most of schools have this kinda event. Which is pretty cool for kids, not so much for For me, you know I am just a big kid, so I just enjoy dressing them up!

So I was thinking that Jinbei(Old Japanese style room wear, which now they sell all kinda character ones for kids) would be nice. Because it was about high 70s degrees yesterday. Then this morning, it dropped to below 60 degrees all of sudden! Jinbei is most likely for summer. Hmmm... I decided to put long sleeve n long pants underneath their Jinbei. And... It looks so silly!!

OK, this is John.

And this is Michele.

They like it. It's fun to wear like this sometimes.:)) Now, the crazy week is not finished yet. Tomorrow is Crazy Hat day. What shall I do...?;))

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Thursday, October 7, 2010


I LOVE anything cute. There's a lot of cute things you see here in Japan. Like, as you know, Hello Kitty is made in Japan. After I came back to Japan, this new character caught my attention...

This is Rilakkuma. "Kuma" means bear in Japanese. So this was named as "relax bear" - give us relax by just looking at him, relax-kuma, then

They sell a lot of Rilakkuma items. I always have to fight myself to ignore from this cute face at stores. Oh well, I lost this time, so did my so we bought the stuffing Rillakuma for Michele, n I bought this for myself.

Now this is my favorite mug cup. I don't drink coffee in regular basis, but it's getting chilly all of sudden lately, n I enjoy instant mocha in this mug cup every morning now. N my mom bought this lilttle pouch.

N this is the cute part, its' back...

Haha, yea my mom is late 60s n she has this in her bag! But this bear really makes us smile! Now he is Michele's favorite too.

She named him James n she takes him everywhere now.:))

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Do Not Eat!

This is my new hobby(?), paper clay sweets. Well... This is actually one of kits for kids to make. Of course my excuse was "I want to do this with Michele!" Yea, right...

It was not that difficult though. Michele helped me, so technically I didn't The package comes with 4 colors of light weight clay, two types of molds, and some accessory kits. It doesn't even make messy either. After dried, it is like sponge feel. I think I am gonna make more n maybe giveaway? Would you like to get one?;))

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

2000 years ago...

We went to Yoshinogari Historical Park today. In this park, we could see n learn how people lived in Yayoi era which is about 2000 years ago, here in Japan. Wow, 2000 years ago, can you believe that? Well, I am not really good at history n all, but I know I learned about this Yayoi era, that doesn't mean I remember what I

Anyway there are a lot to see, like the buildings they built same way as 2000 years ago. It actually really impressive that they could built those 2000years ago. Those entrance is very low, which tells us how short they were.

There's some activities for all family to do too. We tried one workshop, stone pendant making. It took about an hour, it was a little difficult for Michele, but John could make one with our help. It was pretty cool. We all loved the pendants we made.

N it was very good exercise Inside park is very big, just like acutual villages. We enjoyed walking inside park. Well, it was very humid today, but we could still feel some autumn, we definitely felt the nature.

We would strongly recommend this park, it's very family friendly, very cheap, very clean, a lot to see. The stuffs are all nice, some of them even speak English n teach us about this Yayoi era. It's about 45 mins way from Sasebo area, on the way to Fukuoka. You can visit their web site to see more information from the link below!;))

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