Saturday, October 2, 2010

2000 years ago...

We went to Yoshinogari Historical Park today. In this park, we could see n learn how people lived in Yayoi era which is about 2000 years ago, here in Japan. Wow, 2000 years ago, can you believe that? Well, I am not really good at history n all, but I know I learned about this Yayoi era, that doesn't mean I remember what I

Anyway there are a lot to see, like the buildings they built same way as 2000 years ago. It actually really impressive that they could built those 2000years ago. Those entrance is very low, which tells us how short they were.

There's some activities for all family to do too. We tried one workshop, stone pendant making. It took about an hour, it was a little difficult for Michele, but John could make one with our help. It was pretty cool. We all loved the pendants we made.

N it was very good exercise Inside park is very big, just like acutual villages. We enjoyed walking inside park. Well, it was very humid today, but we could still feel some autumn, we definitely felt the nature.

We would strongly recommend this park, it's very family friendly, very cheap, very clean, a lot to see. The stuffs are all nice, some of them even speak English n teach us about this Yayoi era. It's about 45 mins way from Sasebo area, on the way to Fukuoka. You can visit their web site to see more information from the link below!;))

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