Friday, July 30, 2010

39wks 2d n yet...

Next Wednesday is the due date. Since I had Michele in 38wks, I was told that I should have had this baby by 38wks. N we went to another appt. today. 39wks 2days... No sign yet. Her estimate weight is almost 8pounds. Hmmm....

When I go see the doctor, not only this case but any check-ups or visits, somehow I would feel great after that. So I have been feeling tired, heavy, uncomfortable all this week, but then today after the appt. I just felt great. Well, of course I still feel anxious n all, but my body feel better. So guess what we did today? We went for a lil

This Kyuushuu Area, there are a lot of places to see. Again I am not from this area, so I really don't know anywhere. Thanks to my adventurous husband, we get to enjoy for a lil discovering when we have time. Like today, we didn't really plan to go that far, but we end up going to this kinda historic area, Hirado, which is about 90mins way from where we live. It was actually a great trip. He had his camera with him so he took some great pics n uploaded on FB, we wished if we had a better camera tho. My hubby n John caught a big beetle n brought it home too.

Then all of sudden I thought... "geez... What am I doing here in 39wks pregnant body..."lol

Then again, here I am. I can't sleep...

P.S. My next guess is, having her on this Sunday. August 1st was my dog Achi's birthday. He was always jumping around, which makes sense, cuz this baby girl never rest! While I was blogging right now, she keeps moving... So let's see...

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

House, Car, and the Baby

Moving, military transferring, new place, start from zero... It's been a month since we moved out the house in Hawaii, which means we've been living in hotels for a month. It could have been worse, I mean, at least it's kids' summer break. But still, we didn't expect this much to do.

We found the house we want, n finally moving to our new house next Monday. Then yet, so many things to get... Like, I totally forgot that most housings in Japan don't have enough cabinets for dishes. Obviously we have to get a china cabinet(n that's not cheap!). We can borrow all the big appliances from base, that's good. But still need to get all little little stuffs, like cleaning supplies, pans n pots(we tossed most of ours), all the spices, e.t.c... It's nice to start with all the new stuff, but not so nice in our

We bought a van(a station wagon, they say), of course used, about 2 weeks ago, but A/C broke so brought back to the dealer, they fixed, got it back, 30mins later it broke again, brought it back, they were working on it, but not so good n ending up to trade to another vehicle. We are getting that one on Friday. This one is a wagon, n it's nice n dark purple(not a funky one!), we know Michele would love it, n I hope this is it. (I don't wanna say no more n jinx it!)

OK, the baby... According to the doctor, it can be anytime already. I am exactly 36weeks today(not counting out the time difference tho), so just in case, I bought some newborn onesies. All the baby stuff will arrive to the new house next Tuesday too. Since I can stay in the hospital up to a week if I want to, now all I need to bring to the hospital with me is just baby clothes... I think. I have my OB appt. on Friday, so I hope we'll find out a lil more, but I was thinking maybe she'll be born on John's birthday?lol That would be cool!

There's still a lot of things to do, n honestly we are stressed about it too. But we are also trying to relax n enjoy this new place. We visited a few tourist spots too. I feel bad for kids that they have to be stuck in the hotel room with me while their daddy's working, but they are also enjoying to see new places n a new culture.

Moving to new place is not an easy thing, but all depends on how we think, it can be a little fun, like an adventure to our new life!

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