Tuesday, July 6, 2010

House, Car, and the Baby

Moving, military transferring, new place, start from zero... It's been a month since we moved out the house in Hawaii, which means we've been living in hotels for a month. It could have been worse, I mean, at least it's kids' summer break. But still, we didn't expect this much to do.

We found the house we want, n finally moving to our new house next Monday. Then yet, so many things to get... Like, I totally forgot that most housings in Japan don't have enough cabinets for dishes. Obviously we have to get a china cabinet(n that's not cheap!). We can borrow all the big appliances from base, that's good. But still need to get all little little stuffs, like cleaning supplies, pans n pots(we tossed most of ours), all the spices, e.t.c... It's nice to start with all the new stuff, but not so nice in our

We bought a van(a station wagon, they say), of course used, about 2 weeks ago, but A/C broke so brought back to the dealer, they fixed, got it back, 30mins later it broke again, brought it back, they were working on it, but not so good n ending up to trade to another vehicle. We are getting that one on Friday. This one is a wagon, n it's nice n dark purple(not a funky one!), we know Michele would love it, n I hope this is it. (I don't wanna say no more n jinx it!)

OK, the baby... According to the doctor, it can be anytime already. I am exactly 36weeks today(not counting out the time difference tho), so just in case, I bought some newborn onesies. All the baby stuff will arrive to the new house next Tuesday too. Since I can stay in the hospital up to a week if I want to, now all I need to bring to the hospital with me is just baby clothes... I think. I have my OB appt. on Friday, so I hope we'll find out a lil more, but I was thinking maybe she'll be born on John's birthday?lol That would be cool!

There's still a lot of things to do, n honestly we are stressed about it too. But we are also trying to relax n enjoy this new place. We visited a few tourist spots too. I feel bad for kids that they have to be stuck in the hotel room with me while their daddy's working, but they are also enjoying to see new places n a new culture.

Moving to new place is not an easy thing, but all depends on how we think, it can be a little fun, like an adventure to our new life!

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