Friday, April 30, 2010

Time to get a...

Haircut! This is her 2nd time. She likes her hair long, so just a trim... She's all happy with this cute lil car chair, n she got a toy as well(actually, we found out after we left there, but she grabbed a handful of toys... Shhh!) Now she feels like she's a princess!
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My First ‘Best Friend’, Forever…

That was almost 5yrs ago, I met her when we moved to San Diego. My first impression to her was, “Wow, she is beautiful!”.  With her blonde curly hair and tanned skin, she was so bright just as her personality. She was not just nice to me, but she let me feel very comfortable to be her friend. She was my first ‘best friend’ in the United States.
I mean, all my friends here in U.S. are very nice n very friendly, n I love them all. But she was a little difference. She told me many things, like almost everything, n she asked me my opinions for each things. I could feel that she trusted me as her friend. N so I could be so comfortable trusting her as well.
She was always there for me, for all of us. When I needed help, she offered me even before I asked. She was that kinda person, she loved helping her friends.
She always brought laughter. We, this I would call our military family in this neighbor, did a lot of pot-luck style gathering, like every weekend. If she was not there, we felt like we were missing something. Then she showed up, the party started.
One day… that was December 31st, 2006. She came to our door n said “I’m gonna take you to get nose piercing today! I don’t care if you don’t want to, if you are scared, I’m getting you one today!” I was already over 30yrs old, so I was a lil surprised, I thought I was a lil too old for that(that’s what I thought back then). But anyway she got me one. I liked it. She said “See? I told you, it would look good on you!” You know it’s like we were teens, she got me nose piercing all of sudden, n got me excited n all…
When we had to leave San Diego, I promised her that we’ll come back. We always planned to move back to San Diego in the future. That plan kept getting stronger after we left. Because we felt that was our home. I was not just saying that, but that place was our home. So every time I talked to her on the phone, I missed her, but we’ll be back there, n everything will be back.
It was so sudden. I never thought this would end this way. I never thought I won’t be able to see her again. That breaks my heart. I won’t be able to see her again. There were still so many things I wanted to talk to her, do with her, so many places to go…
I am very sorry for her family. Especially we cannot be there for them right now… We may live far away from each other, but we’ll always be there for her family. They are family to us as well. Since we met them, they’ve always been, n they will always be.
I’ll never ever forget about her, n I’ll live with my memory of her. I’ll never forget what you taught me, what we laughed together, what we did together… N I’ll pass on to ppl I will meet, what a friend can be in our life.
R.I.P. Misty. You’ll live in my memory forever. Thank you for being such a great friend. Thank you for letting me being in your life. The time you n me spent together was irreplaceable…

Monday, April 19, 2010

Facebook Addict

I know it’s not just me…lol Well, Facebook games are very good when you are really really bored, which I am. There’re tons of games which can connect with your friends as well. Most of games don’t give you stress, just update whenever you have time.
I’ve wrote about its games like FarmTown n Ameba Pico(I get a lot of comments asking about where to get dinosaurs n stuff, honestly, I don’t know… Sorry!). Now there are more games(means I am still bored n have a lot of time…) I’m into.
Haha, basically most of games are like Sim game, but a good thing about it is, again, connect with your FB friends. We don’t have to be online at the same time, but seeing your friends sent you gifts or visited your game, make us feel closer than just being a friend on FB, that’s what I think, at least.
We(as me n my hubby) play these game on each PC, sitting next to each other, sending stuffs to each other… I know, I know, we are pathetic!lol
Oh, n one more thing I gotta say! It’s probably very annoying to see all games’ announcements on your FB page if you don’t play those games. Trust me, I once thought it’s very annoying!(even tho I play those games.) Then I finally found out, we can get the stuff from those announcements as well! Ha! Now I unhide all apps announcements, n check it all the time!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Power Outage

We lost power as its scheduled. I totally forgot about it. It's only 30mins(at least it's supposed to be...), so Michele's sitting on the top of the couch n enjoying the view outside... Is she a cat???lol

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Pajama Day

This time in a Yep, this week is the crazy week in John's school. Today is Pajama Day. Goin 2 School in pajamas... How weird is that!?lol FYI, I made him change his jammies this morning even though he said "Mommy! I don't have to change clothes today! It's pajama day!"lol

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Already Over A Year…

Wow… It’s been already over a year since I’ve started this blog… That’s AMZING!!! Especially I’m the person who cannot keep one thing for a long time…lol
So I was looking some posts from a year ago… A year ago, Chris just left to Iraq, n I was SUPER We went to the pool very often too. It makes me feel that I HAVE TO go to the pool again… well, we are leaving Hawaii in 2 months, no more nice sun n tanning, no more pool like now, gotta do, gotta do… I know n I want to, but this pregnant make my butt heavier n almost glued on my couch…lmao Plus unbelievable sicky days… Ugh.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Can't Help...

I know the flash is bothering them, n I know it's same every time, but I can't help takin pics of my kids' sleepin face! Yes, I do this a lot, thx 2 the camera in my maybe I should make a scrapbook with only their sleeping But I know it's not just me! If you are a mom, you must've done it too! ...right??

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

John’s School Picture – Spring 2010

John Spring 2010
LOVE IT!!! Too bad Michele don’t get one yet…
He was missing a couple of teeth, but he hid it very natural I love school pictures… We didn’t have such a thing in Japan! Can’t wait for the next one!!!lol

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ice-Box Cookie

When we made Christmas cookies, I had some cookie dough left. So what I did was, flat the dough, put cocoa mixture(those ones in a packet), then rolled it, kept in the freezer. I almost forgot about
So today, I cut it, n baked it. It was good! N these lil swills came out cute, I think.
Ice-Box cookies are very easy to make, n whenever you wanna bake it, just cut it n bake it. I think I may wanna try other recipes as well… Do you have good recipes??

Happy Easter! 2010

This year’s Easter was very special for our kids. Not only they were getting gorgeous Easter baskets(I’ve been working for it since a month ago!), but we could spend Easter with ‘American’ Grandma!
Like a lot of moms do(as I saw), I made their Easter Basket this year as well. Well… I just don’t like those pre-made baskets… lol So I put their favorite toys in the baskets… For John, lately he says he wants to start to play soccer, so put a real soccer ball, n of course new John Cena action figure…lol n some lil stuff. For Michele, now she wants to be a ballerina, so she’s got a ballerina dress n a ballerina bear, n some lil stuff.
Then of course, egg hunt… We had a LOT of eggs…lol We had so many, kids wanted to quit before they picked all the eggs…lol
So Daddy helped them. “These are MINE!!!” LMAO
Well, kids got a lot, more than enough. They had fun!
Daddy got a lot of candies too, n I was very happy cuz we had ‘American’ Grandma’s Easter meal! YUM!

‘American’ Grandma

Our kids have 2 grandmas, my mom - ‘Japanese’ Grandma n Chris’s mom ‘American’ Grandma. ‘American’ Grandma’s visiting us for a week.
Last time they saw her was about 3yrs ago, which Michele was still very little. But she recognize her from the pictures n she’s talked to her on the phone, so she was not shy at all when she saw her at the airport. Of course John remembers her, n they didn’t leave her alone since she got


Since he got his teeth pulled out(now he has only 10 teeth left), he’s been happy n being a baby. Well, we felt very bad(of course), n we spoiled him a bit… That’s okay though.
He still looks like a puppy. The doctor said that he’s very healthy as his age. Now we are going back to Japan, how he’s gonna react? Will he be happy? Confused?? Well he’ll definitely be happy to live with my mom again!