Monday, April 19, 2010

Facebook Addict

I know it’s not just me…lol Well, Facebook games are very good when you are really really bored, which I am. There’re tons of games which can connect with your friends as well. Most of games don’t give you stress, just update whenever you have time.
I’ve wrote about its games like FarmTown n Ameba Pico(I get a lot of comments asking about where to get dinosaurs n stuff, honestly, I don’t know… Sorry!). Now there are more games(means I am still bored n have a lot of time…) I’m into.
Haha, basically most of games are like Sim game, but a good thing about it is, again, connect with your FB friends. We don’t have to be online at the same time, but seeing your friends sent you gifts or visited your game, make us feel closer than just being a friend on FB, that’s what I think, at least.
We(as me n my hubby) play these game on each PC, sitting next to each other, sending stuffs to each other… I know, I know, we are pathetic!lol
Oh, n one more thing I gotta say! It’s probably very annoying to see all games’ announcements on your FB page if you don’t play those games. Trust me, I once thought it’s very annoying!(even tho I play those games.) Then I finally found out, we can get the stuff from those announcements as well! Ha! Now I unhide all apps announcements, n check it all the time!!

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