Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"I heart ?a?a"

At our favorite store, Jusco, they sell this series of baby clothes that me n my hubby like. "I heart" series, just like "I heart N.Y.", but this one is MaMa, PaPa n Family instead of N.Y., of course.

In Japan, most of lil kids call their mom n dad "mama" n "papa". No, it's not Japanese(obviously!), as you know we use a lot of mix language, which I call Japanglish. So this "papa" means daddy.

Anyway, when we buy these kind stuff, there's always a silence battle between me n my hubby. Yes, which one we will buy "I heart MaMa" or "I heart PaPa" is what we battle for. First we grab same thing, except the word after the heart. When we can buy both, then we get both, like the pacifiers n baby bottles we bought. But if we wanna buy only one... Yea, we wouldn't fight or argue at store, especially it's about baby clothes, but there sure is a cold war going on between us.lmao

So we wanted to buy only one clothes for Baby Ilah. Of course our eyes were on "I heart ...". Let's see, which one we got...?

I let him have it for this Actually I thought, obviously I am always with her, I am the one who's gonna take her around everywhere. So, i think it's cute of her to show her love to her daddy. When I picked this one, he said "Are you sure?"lol

N I put this one on her today, so I took pics n sent it to him. I thought that picture would make him smile when he's working hard. But he didn't think so. Later he called me n said "I'm a lil pissed because you put the clothes on her when I am not around!"lmao I guess he wants it So I said "well, it's just a clothes, why don't you wash it n put it on her again when you take her somewhere?"lol Haha, he's not really mad, of course. But maybe he wanted her to wear that when she's with him! Don't worry, PaPa. She heart you always!;))

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rainy Day

It's raining today. Not really strong but looks like it's gonna rain all day. It was still very hot just a few days ago, n all of sudden it got cold. The weather news said that's because of one typhoon which won't hit here, just pushing cold air.

Because of this sudden cold weather, our kids got cold too. Michele got it first, but as usual, she was just fine by the next day. Poor John got a cold from her, looks like his cold is worse then hers. He couldn't go to school today.

I definitely feel that we are back to 4 seasons place. In Hawaii, it was always hot or warm, at least, like summer all year long. Which, it was nice too. But we kinda missed 4 seasons.

It's chilly today, but listening the raining sound in the house just let me relax... I like it.;))

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Officially A Geek Couple

Hahaha, you already know that I am a geek mom. N my hubby is like my best friend. We are very positive, easy-going people, n we share almost everything. That's probably because my hubby is very flexible person, I mean he's actually not stubborn. So he would try stuff what I am into(well, not girls Now he finally started his own blog!!!

I didn't even help him making this! I think it looks pretty cool. He's good with trying new things, as I said before. But I never thought he would actually start his own blog! I am very proud of him!!!

Oh well, now we are officially a geek

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My Hubby's First...

Fish!!! Yay!!!

Yep, he finally ate fish, I mean a grilled-head-to-tail fish.;)) That fish is called Sanma, very popular in this season in Japan. Sanma is known by the name mackerel pike.

I am very proud of my hubby! He is a very good challenger. He's been trying so many new stuffs since we moved to Japan. He even started his own blog! Wow, now we really are a geek couple!

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Positive Thoughts 101: Find Your Hobby

Wow, it's been a long long time since the last time I posted "Positive Thoughts 101"... To be honest, I was very stressed out with the Then our pretty princess is finally born, I am double happy(having her n ending the pregnancy). Special Positive Lady is baaaaack!

OK, this time's Positive Thoughts sounds like just another tip from a magazine, huh? When I see those article, I always think that "well, easy to say that," even though it actually is easy for me. I always find something new, n get excited. Some people might say "it's important to finish it" or "you gotta continue doing one thing". I understand that, but I think... Most important thing is to start something. You never know if you really like it or not till you actually try it, right?

#5 Find Your Hobby

I would say, your hobby can be changed again n again. Your hobby can be "trying a new thing" or "finding my hobby". Say "My hobby is finding a new hobby."lol

I think, I don't have to be good at it if I am having fun doing it. That is very important.;)) But first, I gotta try.

I was watching a TV show, one professor said that it's good to create something to prevent Alzheimer's disease. Not only because using fingers n brain, but also getting good reaction is good for brain. See? Not only we can be positive, but we also can stay young!lmao

I have a lot of things I would call "my hobby". I have so many, when I answer to those questions, I take some time to think which one I want to answer as my Like, this, blog for one, n as you can see photography... OK, I should say just "taking pictures".lol Speaking about taking pictures, I am so having fun with my camera! I always wanted "photography" as my hobby. Since I am a fake-perfectionist(I call myself a perfectionist, but actually not so much), I knew I won't be that good as a photographer. But I still, looking for new cameras at stores. Then I realized that I don't have to be good at it. Now I love taking pictures, I carry my camera all the time, n I love my pictures!

Back to my hobby, I like spending time at book stores(which is NOT equal to love reading), try cooking some new recipes, reading blogs, scrapbook, making cards, making something or anything crafty...

I also copy somebody else's hobby. Some people don't like to be copied, n I hate those people!!!lol OK, in that case, let me rephrase that, "getting an idea from somebody else".;)) It's great because, one - you are not alone when you start that, two - you can get tips from her, three - you can borrow the tools if needed. So copying somebody's hobby is NOT a bad thing.

As a mother, I am not sure that if I want to say same thing to my kids Since they would want to start a difference thing every week if I said that, n we cannot afford it... Let's keep this in adult level.;))

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Sky

As I said before, I love sky. I love looking at it, I love taking pictures of it. Especially now, I carry my camera everywhere I go(n it's not even one of those tiny pocket size cameras), I just take pictures of the sky anytime I feel like it. Yea, I definitely look like a geek...(well, I am a geek.;))

Actually I always wanted to take pictures of the sky. I thought that I need a special lens to take one. Well, I guess those professional photographers uses special lenses, but my camera does fabulous job too! It shows a beautiful color of the sky, just the way I like.

I really believe that looking at the sky is make people happy n positive. First of all, looking up is a great way to stay positive. Then look at the sky. The sky has a lot of faces, colors, a lot of shapes of clouds... Sometimes you can see the sun light between the clouds, it's just amazing.

Another Sky. Actually that is the title of a TV show in Japan. It's not all about the sky, more like travel kinda show. But I liked this title right away, because the sky is always difference, n I always look for another sky.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sleeping with the Baby

I hadn't slept more than 3 hours continuously for a while, n obviously I was exhausted. So my hubby offered me a night off so I can get a good sleep last night. Of course I took it, I slept good last night, but... I gotta admit I missed her(so did my boobs!lol).

Tonight, my hubby offered me again, he said he would do it as long as he's off next day(what a nice hubby, huh?). Did I take it? No. I really missed her last night, I guess.

She's sleeping right next by me now... She's so precious! I probably ask my hubby for a night off again(or not, if she will start to sleep all night soon), but not so often nor like 2 days in a row. I can sleep with her like this only now, I gotta enjoy this!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

All You Can Eat Burger King!?

I didn’t even know that there is Burger King in Japan, but what? All you can eat Burger King!? WHAT??? Well, unfortunately we don’t have Burger King in our area, I think. Maybe in Tokyo? But… Can you believe this?
I really don’t think they do that in the States… or do they? I mean, they obviously think that Japanese won’t be able to eat that much, especially Whopper is huge compare to Japanese tiny burgers. That ad says, first you have to buy a meal, n if you are not full then you can get same size burger as much as you want. But if you don’t finish those, you have to pay for everything. I am not sure how it works, because those fast food restaurant, how can they check if a customer eat his order all by himself? Are they gonna stand there until he finishes? Or is there a special seat for that?(like Man vs. Food?)
I wish I could go there n check, but I don’t know where’s the closest one from here. What are they gonna do if all hungry U.S. Military people who are very used to those huge Double or even Triple Whopper??? Hmmm… Maybe I want to check if there’s one in driving distance from here n let my hubby try…lol

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Driving 2 Nagasaki

We got 2 nice cameras, we got a new stroller, I don't have heavy belly anymore... Why would we stay home in such a nice day? So we decided to go for a lil drive yesterday.

We didn't really plan where, we left home around lunch time, we just headed to south. The first stop, the first place we found, was Bio Park which is a zoo where we can get really close to the animals. We've heard this is a very cool place. It sure was very cool.

We can feed animals, I mean, not throwing over the fence, but feed them directly from our hand, to animals like monkeys, flamingos, n even kangaroos. Which means, we can take pictures of them really close.

There's a flower dome n some beautiful butterflies are flying around. When I was a kid, I could see them anywhere, then I realized that I haven't seen them flying around for a long time.

After Bio Park, we could head back home, but it was still early so we decided to go lil more south, Nagasaki-city area. We don't know the area very well n we kinda got lost n going around here n there, but thanks to the tour-spot-handbook, we were able to see one of tourist spot, Dejima.

According to Wikipedia,(yes, I am not good with Japanese History...) Dejima
was a small fan-shaped artificial island built in the bay of Nagasaki in 1634. This island, which was formed by digging a canal through a small peninsula, remained as the single place of direct trade and exchange between Japan and Europe during the Edo period. Dejima was built to constrain foreign traders as part of "sakoku" self-imposed isolationist policy. Originally built to house Portuguese traders, it became a Dutch trading post from 1641 until 1853. Covering an area of 120 m x 75 m (9000 square meters, or 0.9 hectares) it became integrated in the city.

Alright, enough said about a lil history(I just copied n pasted Actually it was very interesting for a person who has no knowridge about these stuff like me. Especially it was fun taking pictures of those old Japanese style interior.

By the time we finished walking in Dejima, it was getting dark outside, actually there was nice breeze n felt like a lil walk. So next, we walk to the bay side, Dejima Wharf.

We found a great restaurant there too.

This is Japanese Sashimi restaurant named Kaisen Ichiba Nagasaki-Kou(means Seafood Market Nagasaki Bay). The service was great, n food was awesome! Of course the view was great too! The price was not so bad either, about ¥6000 for 5 of us(3 adults n 2 kids). So I was very satisfied. After dinner, we finally headed home.

I love these lil car trips. I am glad that my hubby likes it too because he is the driver!lol

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Baby Moment

I take pictures of Ilah everyday. It's fun because she makes a lot of faces n poses. I enjoy my new camera too. But I think, I want to keep every single moment of her as much as possible.

I was kinda same way with both of the other two. This baby time is so special, who wouldn't go crazy taking pictures? When John was a baby, because he was our first one, I couldn't wait for him to grow up. Everyday was a full of surprises, n I just wanted to see what's next. When we found that I got pregnant with Michele, I was happy because we definitely wanted at least 2 kids, but the same time, I felt a lil guilty to John. Because I was always with him, I was all "his mommy". So I was wondering how the thing would be changed? Can I share my love equally to our both children? Will John be still my first favorite? Or will I be busy with the baby? Will I be excited each moment with this baby too?

Then Michele was born. There was joy. Even the second baby, still everyday was a full of surprises, took pictures of her everyday, n John was great with her n made me proud. So I realized that there was nothing to worry about. I could naturally enjoy that new situation, our new born girl n her big brother, n watching their growth was very exciting.

Then I got pregnant with Ilah. Again, I knew I would fall in love with her once she's born, but I was already too happy with John n Michele so I couldn't really imagine how it will be with another baby. N Ilah was born. We know she'll be the last baby of ours. Then I realized that this will be the last time I can enjoy the precious time with the newborn. I feel that I don't want to miss anything, any moment with her. I mean, not just being with her enjoying n let the time past, but I feel that I want to keep something, leave something, every single day.

So I take pictures of her everyday. Make sure that I am not missing any of this baby moment. Not just take pictures, but find something very special each day, n keep everything in my camera. Haha, thanks to this technology n my new camera, it's very exciting n fun!

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wide Awake!

Not me, the baby... I guess she doesn't like the bed time. She sleeps too good in daytime, yep I've already tried to keep her awake, but no matter what I do, once she's out, she's out!

That is only in daytime though... At night, make sure she's sleepy, bring her upstairs, then feed her... That would make her fall asleep, if it's in daytime, or in the living room, or in the car... Pretty much anywhere but in her crib. If I do that at night, n make sure she's asleep, then put her in the crib... Somehow, she wakes up within a couple of minutes. Not like, she would cry n scream suddenly, but first she opens her eyes very wide, then move around in the crib. Give another minute n she would start to cry, like she's saying "Not yet! Get me outta here!"

So, probably just like most of mothers of newborns, here I am, sleepless in Sasebo,

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Baby Geek

That sounds just right for It's actually the name of iPad App I just found n downloaded. It lets me keep all record of the baby.

Like daily event such as feeding, diaper n sleep, I can keep track real time. Like, what she is doing now, which side of breast I am feeding now n it tells me next I need to start which side. When I put her weight n length, it will make a chart automatically. It's easy to use, I just wish I knew about this app before she was born so I could use this from her day one, n keep everything in here. I have been keeping her daily event on the booklet I got from the hospital, I tried to put all record I kept on this app, I am not sure how... But still, it's pretty cool. I cannot live without iPad, really!

Update; I just found out that I can synchronize with iPhone! Now, that's super convenient!

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Official Boom Squad Member

Our Baby Ilah is now, an official Boom Squad Member! Probably most of you(unless you are a WWE fan) don't even know what that Boom Squad, that is what WWE superstar Kofi Kingston calls his fans. Why is our Baby Ilah one of them? The reason is this picture.

This pose is actually exactly same as Kofi does. So I tweeted @TrueKofi(Kofi Kingston) on Twitter(yes, I follow most of WWE superstars on N guess what? He replied to that tweet!! (My tweet is third one from the bottom, n Kofi's reply is two above that.)

These celebrities, since anybody can send messages to them on Twitter, they don't always reply to your message. But this picture of Ilah, probably he liked it too! I was so happy that he actually saw the picture n replied to me!

So now Ilah is an official, Kofi Kingston's Boom Squad! You bet I'm proud of her!!

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