Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Sky

As I said before, I love sky. I love looking at it, I love taking pictures of it. Especially now, I carry my camera everywhere I go(n it's not even one of those tiny pocket size cameras), I just take pictures of the sky anytime I feel like it. Yea, I definitely look like a geek...(well, I am a geek.;))

Actually I always wanted to take pictures of the sky. I thought that I need a special lens to take one. Well, I guess those professional photographers uses special lenses, but my camera does fabulous job too! It shows a beautiful color of the sky, just the way I like.

I really believe that looking at the sky is make people happy n positive. First of all, looking up is a great way to stay positive. Then look at the sky. The sky has a lot of faces, colors, a lot of shapes of clouds... Sometimes you can see the sun light between the clouds, it's just amazing.

Another Sky. Actually that is the title of a TV show in Japan. It's not all about the sky, more like travel kinda show. But I liked this title right away, because the sky is always difference, n I always look for another sky.

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