Friday, September 24, 2010

Positive Thoughts 101: Find Your Hobby

Wow, it's been a long long time since the last time I posted "Positive Thoughts 101"... To be honest, I was very stressed out with the Then our pretty princess is finally born, I am double happy(having her n ending the pregnancy). Special Positive Lady is baaaaack!

OK, this time's Positive Thoughts sounds like just another tip from a magazine, huh? When I see those article, I always think that "well, easy to say that," even though it actually is easy for me. I always find something new, n get excited. Some people might say "it's important to finish it" or "you gotta continue doing one thing". I understand that, but I think... Most important thing is to start something. You never know if you really like it or not till you actually try it, right?

#5 Find Your Hobby

I would say, your hobby can be changed again n again. Your hobby can be "trying a new thing" or "finding my hobby". Say "My hobby is finding a new hobby."lol

I think, I don't have to be good at it if I am having fun doing it. That is very important.;)) But first, I gotta try.

I was watching a TV show, one professor said that it's good to create something to prevent Alzheimer's disease. Not only because using fingers n brain, but also getting good reaction is good for brain. See? Not only we can be positive, but we also can stay young!lmao

I have a lot of things I would call "my hobby". I have so many, when I answer to those questions, I take some time to think which one I want to answer as my Like, this, blog for one, n as you can see photography... OK, I should say just "taking pictures".lol Speaking about taking pictures, I am so having fun with my camera! I always wanted "photography" as my hobby. Since I am a fake-perfectionist(I call myself a perfectionist, but actually not so much), I knew I won't be that good as a photographer. But I still, looking for new cameras at stores. Then I realized that I don't have to be good at it. Now I love taking pictures, I carry my camera all the time, n I love my pictures!

Back to my hobby, I like spending time at book stores(which is NOT equal to love reading), try cooking some new recipes, reading blogs, scrapbook, making cards, making something or anything crafty...

I also copy somebody else's hobby. Some people don't like to be copied, n I hate those people!!!lol OK, in that case, let me rephrase that, "getting an idea from somebody else".;)) It's great because, one - you are not alone when you start that, two - you can get tips from her, three - you can borrow the tools if needed. So copying somebody's hobby is NOT a bad thing.

As a mother, I am not sure that if I want to say same thing to my kids Since they would want to start a difference thing every week if I said that, n we cannot afford it... Let's keep this in adult level.;))

- Posted from my iPad;))

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