Wednesday, September 15, 2010

All You Can Eat Burger King!?

I didn’t even know that there is Burger King in Japan, but what? All you can eat Burger King!? WHAT??? Well, unfortunately we don’t have Burger King in our area, I think. Maybe in Tokyo? But… Can you believe this?
I really don’t think they do that in the States… or do they? I mean, they obviously think that Japanese won’t be able to eat that much, especially Whopper is huge compare to Japanese tiny burgers. That ad says, first you have to buy a meal, n if you are not full then you can get same size burger as much as you want. But if you don’t finish those, you have to pay for everything. I am not sure how it works, because those fast food restaurant, how can they check if a customer eat his order all by himself? Are they gonna stand there until he finishes? Or is there a special seat for that?(like Man vs. Food?)
I wish I could go there n check, but I don’t know where’s the closest one from here. What are they gonna do if all hungry U.S. Military people who are very used to those huge Double or even Triple Whopper??? Hmmm… Maybe I want to check if there’s one in driving distance from here n let my hubby try…lol

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