Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Baby Moment

I take pictures of Ilah everyday. It's fun because she makes a lot of faces n poses. I enjoy my new camera too. But I think, I want to keep every single moment of her as much as possible.

I was kinda same way with both of the other two. This baby time is so special, who wouldn't go crazy taking pictures? When John was a baby, because he was our first one, I couldn't wait for him to grow up. Everyday was a full of surprises, n I just wanted to see what's next. When we found that I got pregnant with Michele, I was happy because we definitely wanted at least 2 kids, but the same time, I felt a lil guilty to John. Because I was always with him, I was all "his mommy". So I was wondering how the thing would be changed? Can I share my love equally to our both children? Will John be still my first favorite? Or will I be busy with the baby? Will I be excited each moment with this baby too?

Then Michele was born. There was joy. Even the second baby, still everyday was a full of surprises, took pictures of her everyday, n John was great with her n made me proud. So I realized that there was nothing to worry about. I could naturally enjoy that new situation, our new born girl n her big brother, n watching their growth was very exciting.

Then I got pregnant with Ilah. Again, I knew I would fall in love with her once she's born, but I was already too happy with John n Michele so I couldn't really imagine how it will be with another baby. N Ilah was born. We know she'll be the last baby of ours. Then I realized that this will be the last time I can enjoy the precious time with the newborn. I feel that I don't want to miss anything, any moment with her. I mean, not just being with her enjoying n let the time past, but I feel that I want to keep something, leave something, every single day.

So I take pictures of her everyday. Make sure that I am not missing any of this baby moment. Not just take pictures, but find something very special each day, n keep everything in my camera. Haha, thanks to this technology n my new camera, it's very exciting n fun!

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