Saturday, September 11, 2010

Driving 2 Nagasaki

We got 2 nice cameras, we got a new stroller, I don't have heavy belly anymore... Why would we stay home in such a nice day? So we decided to go for a lil drive yesterday.

We didn't really plan where, we left home around lunch time, we just headed to south. The first stop, the first place we found, was Bio Park which is a zoo where we can get really close to the animals. We've heard this is a very cool place. It sure was very cool.

We can feed animals, I mean, not throwing over the fence, but feed them directly from our hand, to animals like monkeys, flamingos, n even kangaroos. Which means, we can take pictures of them really close.

There's a flower dome n some beautiful butterflies are flying around. When I was a kid, I could see them anywhere, then I realized that I haven't seen them flying around for a long time.

After Bio Park, we could head back home, but it was still early so we decided to go lil more south, Nagasaki-city area. We don't know the area very well n we kinda got lost n going around here n there, but thanks to the tour-spot-handbook, we were able to see one of tourist spot, Dejima.

According to Wikipedia,(yes, I am not good with Japanese History...) Dejima
was a small fan-shaped artificial island built in the bay of Nagasaki in 1634. This island, which was formed by digging a canal through a small peninsula, remained as the single place of direct trade and exchange between Japan and Europe during the Edo period. Dejima was built to constrain foreign traders as part of "sakoku" self-imposed isolationist policy. Originally built to house Portuguese traders, it became a Dutch trading post from 1641 until 1853. Covering an area of 120 m x 75 m (9000 square meters, or 0.9 hectares) it became integrated in the city.

Alright, enough said about a lil history(I just copied n pasted Actually it was very interesting for a person who has no knowridge about these stuff like me. Especially it was fun taking pictures of those old Japanese style interior.

By the time we finished walking in Dejima, it was getting dark outside, actually there was nice breeze n felt like a lil walk. So next, we walk to the bay side, Dejima Wharf.

We found a great restaurant there too.

This is Japanese Sashimi restaurant named Kaisen Ichiba Nagasaki-Kou(means Seafood Market Nagasaki Bay). The service was great, n food was awesome! Of course the view was great too! The price was not so bad either, about ¥6000 for 5 of us(3 adults n 2 kids). So I was very satisfied. After dinner, we finally headed home.

I love these lil car trips. I am glad that my hubby likes it too because he is the driver!lol

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