Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"I heart ?a?a"

At our favorite store, Jusco, they sell this series of baby clothes that me n my hubby like. "I heart" series, just like "I heart N.Y.", but this one is MaMa, PaPa n Family instead of N.Y., of course.

In Japan, most of lil kids call their mom n dad "mama" n "papa". No, it's not Japanese(obviously!), as you know we use a lot of mix language, which I call Japanglish. So this "papa" means daddy.

Anyway, when we buy these kind stuff, there's always a silence battle between me n my hubby. Yes, which one we will buy "I heart MaMa" or "I heart PaPa" is what we battle for. First we grab same thing, except the word after the heart. When we can buy both, then we get both, like the pacifiers n baby bottles we bought. But if we wanna buy only one... Yea, we wouldn't fight or argue at store, especially it's about baby clothes, but there sure is a cold war going on between us.lmao

So we wanted to buy only one clothes for Baby Ilah. Of course our eyes were on "I heart ...". Let's see, which one we got...?

I let him have it for this Actually I thought, obviously I am always with her, I am the one who's gonna take her around everywhere. So, i think it's cute of her to show her love to her daddy. When I picked this one, he said "Are you sure?"lol

N I put this one on her today, so I took pics n sent it to him. I thought that picture would make him smile when he's working hard. But he didn't think so. Later he called me n said "I'm a lil pissed because you put the clothes on her when I am not around!"lmao I guess he wants it So I said "well, it's just a clothes, why don't you wash it n put it on her again when you take her somewhere?"lol Haha, he's not really mad, of course. But maybe he wanted her to wear that when she's with him! Don't worry, PaPa. She heart you always!;))

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