Monday, June 28, 2010

Hmmm... Awake again...

Just past 3am here... I woke up for going to the bathroom like 30mins ago, n now I'm awake n can't go back to sleep. Oh well, I'm almost 35wks pregnant now, so no wonder it's like that. The doctor said I will probably have this baby girl earlier than due date, possibly in a couple of weeks? I hope, at least after we move to the house!

Yep, we found "the" house! We went to see this house yesterday, we knew we were gonna like it. It's a lil over budget, but couldn't give it up. It has 5.5 bedrooms(.5 is for storage? It's big enough for a nursery but no A/C), 1 full Japanese bath(toilet is separated from the actual bathroom. N only 1 toilet... That's the only negative point.), all rooms are smaller than what we had in the states, but bigger than what we saw in the other houses here, there are 2 nice size storage downstairs(besides that .5 room), has a big built-in book shelf in the master bedroom, also a nice big built-in shelf in a hallway downstairs, I guess we can use that for dried/can food storage. These all storage future is very rare in Japan. We have so much craps, so we really need it. The house was built in 2004, so only 6yrs old, which is pretty new, all floors are wood floor too. I wish I could take a picture, but no lights inside yet n was heavy raining outside. Now we are gonna just wait for the contract between base n the realtor, I hope everything will go smooth...

Back to the baby subject... I will not be able to get epidural this time... Epidural is not popular in Japan, most of women here have birth without it. There is only 1 doctor who do epidural in this area n he(she?) is overbooked till November. Oh well, I should be okay... I am pretty sure that I won't have a long labor. I will probably just break Chris's arm, that's all.

Damn, I am not sleepy at all... I couldn't sleep well last night either, as long as I keep myself busy in daytime, I won't get sleepy later. But I think I need to get a lil more sleep... Gotta try going back to sleep now!

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