Thursday, October 7, 2010


I LOVE anything cute. There's a lot of cute things you see here in Japan. Like, as you know, Hello Kitty is made in Japan. After I came back to Japan, this new character caught my attention...

This is Rilakkuma. "Kuma" means bear in Japanese. So this was named as "relax bear" - give us relax by just looking at him, relax-kuma, then

They sell a lot of Rilakkuma items. I always have to fight myself to ignore from this cute face at stores. Oh well, I lost this time, so did my so we bought the stuffing Rillakuma for Michele, n I bought this for myself.

Now this is my favorite mug cup. I don't drink coffee in regular basis, but it's getting chilly all of sudden lately, n I enjoy instant mocha in this mug cup every morning now. N my mom bought this lilttle pouch.

N this is the cute part, its' back...

Haha, yea my mom is late 60s n she has this in her bag! But this bear really makes us smile! Now he is Michele's favorite too.

She named him James n she takes him everywhere now.:))

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