Monday, August 10, 2009

Is Felicia really coming?

I guess it's been delayed. Sunday changed to Monday, then Tuesday morning, now it looks like Tuesday afternoon... Well, I guess more delayed, more it gets weak...? Right now, Monday night, it's very quiet... It was a lil raining this afternoon, but not really windy or anything like that here in Oahu Island.

OK, I am not very used to all these... again, I am from Tokyo, n I was spoiled!!! Japanese buildings were built very strong, we never really lose powers.

Then when we lived in Virginia, I experienced my first American Hurricane... I forgot the Before it hit, everybody was in panic! Buying all waters, dried food, this n that... Since my hubby had to leave with his ship due to the Hurricane, I stayed at my friends' house. Well we had N, like we expected, we lost power. Our apartment got the power back very next day, but some area didn't get the power back for a while... But anyway, was I scared? Hmmm... Not really... Maybe because, I was at my friends' house n kinda partying?

Now Felicia already level down to Tropical Storm, so it won't be that bad anyway, but how bad is it gonna get???

My most concern is John's school. I don't drive, so I walk him to school everyday, with 3yrs-old Michele. I really don't wanna take 2 kids outside in a heavy rain. The school said, they were not told anything by the state yet, which means, the school may still open tomorrow...

So... now what is going on, Felicia???

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