Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sick Again!? Nah, but...

*To All Male Readers: This post is totally GIRLS TALK, but NOT PRETTY nor FUN. I wouldn't read it if I were a guy! Just warning

So, I am not sick this time. That's one for sure. Cuz... I got the-woman-thing-of-month last night... Well, for me, it's been 45days cycle. I don't get it every month, sometime I don't get like 3 to 4 months at all. And it's been like that since I started to get it. N that's right, I have 2 healthy children, no complication with both pregnancy. It had been very light every time, no pain, no cramp, probably that's all female would wish...

But since sometime last year...? All of sudden, it got heavier, I started to have cramps n nauseousness, which I assume that many women suffer with. But.... I AM NOT USED TO THIS CRAP!!!!! It's not that bad, I think, but why? Why? after 20yrs of this woman-thing, why now??? It's not like the child-birth changed my body cycle, cuz my younger one is already 3 and a half yrs old...

So I am not sick... but I have no energy today... my back hurts... get nauseous... n cramps... How do all women deal with this crap!?

John asked me if I can take them to the pool, I said
"I'm sorry but no"
"Because Mommy is bleeding."
"uh....... My tummy."

Since then, I asked Michele to give me a hug, but she doesn't want to give me one...lmao

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