Monday, August 31, 2009

Mo Willems

Since John started the 1st grade, I've been reading books to kids every night. We go to the library every wednesday, n borrow 6 to 7 books for a week.

There are 2 books has same author, in 7 books we borrowed last Wednesday, I didn't realize til we got home.

Mo Willems. It's very cute! Obviously he has some series of books. His stories are very simple, pictures are very very cute! I really like it.

Actually, one of my life-long-dream is making children books.

When I was 14yrs old, I was in the hospital for 3 month. I had Kidney Infection, but I didn't have pain or anything, n there were a couple of same age patients in the same room, so I actually enjoyed it. Anyway, there was this one nurse who was going to the school for making children books, n she brought her home work, which to make her own children book, when she had a night shift. She was doing at the nurse station, I loved visiting her there when I couldn't sleep...

I don't have any talent to draw pictures or cartoon, but I DO have unlimited So one day, I want to make my own children books... Hopefully before my kids are grown

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