Friday, August 28, 2009

Keep Wishing Til I Get: Dr. Scholl's Shoes

We(as me n went another window shopping

Today, we went to Waikele Outlet. There were so many things added on my wish list, but this one, I am sooooo getting! I found this one at "Factory Brand Shoes", n I am sooooo getting this one!

Dr. Scholl's Original Women's Kitten $71

I didn't even know that Dr. Scholl's makes this kinda shoes!!!lol Well I knew that they make shoes, but I thought it's just ugly But these are not bad at all, are they??? So I tried this one, n... IT'S SUPER COMFY!!! Wow! I loved it! N, since it's in outlet, it was only like $30! I am so getting that!

I used to pick shoes from just "looks", but now I'm a mother, n I have big feet.lmao To me, shoes have to be comfy! That's very important!!!

Then I wonder what else they have... checking on the Yep, I found their website. Dr. Scholl's Shoes They have some other cute shoes, I like it. I think I will be getting more pairs...

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