Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Here comes SUPER Geek!

Haha, that's meeeee!!!
Once in a while, I turn to a SUPER geek from just a No, I don't need a full N, I am damn proud of myself!lmao

Anyway, why did I turn to a SUPER geek this time? Here's what happened.(by Monk) I was looking at my blog... not just a blog, my baby, precious blog last night. Oh, I love my OK, I was looking at it last night, n I noticed that my side bar is getting longer n longer... Damn, I've done almost 70 posts only in this month??? I mean, as I said before, this blog is my "self-satisfaction" blog, but So the way I put archive(which is the best way after I really considered), it shows all this month's post titles. N top of that... I love using all those gadgets! Just so fun to add a lil something on my blog. Plus I have some badges n stuff... Now it's way too long... I almost don't see the Anyway I don't like that looks...

I've seen some blogs have 3 columns. Hmm, I can use that. I can separate my personal gadgets n links n followers? That would be neat! So I checked Blogger dashboard... Where... where is 3 column templates????? NOOOOO!!!!! It's not in dashboard!!!

I searched n checked on the Internet... Yea, there are some 3 column templates... but it seems I will need a lil "study" for that... It's not like one-click thing... Especially I like the style of my blog right now, I don't want a major change...

First I need try. When you get a new clothes, you would try it on first, right? Same here, I need to try before risking my precious baby blog. So I created test I can try there, do whatever I

I've already came this far... then you know, I gotta do what I gotta do! I just need to be a SUPER geek!lmao Alright! Let's do this!!

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