Thursday, August 20, 2009

What is "School"?

Ok, first thing's first. I got a phone call from Navy Family Fleet and DOE today, the Principal accepted John to stay in the school for all this school year! Yay! We won the war!lol Thanks to everybody who support us, and thanks to United States Military... This country's Military service is very good about supporting Military Family. Basically, Military DOE came out for us, 120% agreed with us, n talked to the Principal. I really really appreciate that.

So that is a good thing that John can stay in his school, though we as parents, are still not happy with the Principal. In this case, most important thing was about John. John really likes his new teacher, so do I, and John is very comfortable in his class.

The sad part from this case is... of course there are still questions left about this school and school system. It may be only this school issue, may be not.

The question is, what is "School"?

To me, I want "school" to be the place, where kids can feel safe and enjoy, like their second home. It's not only about education, but there are so many things they would learn in school. I understand that it may not be that simple. There may be always budget issues as well. But each teachers, include Principals and Vice Principals, their first concern supposed to be about their students?

When I was in 2nd grade... I just transferred to a new school, because of the moving. Then I met this Principal, who looked very familiar to me, because he was the Principal of my Kindergarten! He was very very kids-loved Principal all-time. He remembered all students faces and names, he spoke to students very often. I never forget his smile.

That's what "school" should be, don't you think? "School" should be the place, kids feel safe, enjoy, and be happy. If there's a problem, the teachers would fight for the students. NEVER leave them behind, NEVER EVER throw them out. Isn't that "school" supposed to be??

Now we are happy about our son John can stay in the school. But are there any other students treated same way before? They didn't know what to do, some parents might not be able to get a good help as we got.

I really thought this time, we parents should not give up anything for our kids. We should fight for the students' rights. We should appreciate the teachers who really care about our kids, and fight for those good teachers so they can make it a better place for kids. Let's not allow the system ruin our kids future.

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