Friday, August 7, 2009

Mr. Monk n Me

Finally! Finally my show, Monk is BACK!!! Oh, I missed you, Mr. Monk! But, yes... I am also very sad because this is the finale season of Monk... Why??? Why do they have to end this show??? This is a great, GREAT show!!

I mean, I love this guy... Mr. Monk... I love watching his smiles, I mean he's always so serious n so Innocent, but so naturally He is a character, that's one for But not only that, some parts, I actually really understand Well, I am not "that" O.C.D., but I admit I am "somewhat" O.C.D.

I mean, I don't clean like him, I don't mind shaking hands with ppl, I do wear a lot of type of clothes, and most of all, I am helplessly positive about everything...

But I AM obsessed with straightness(?) n stuff, which drives my hubby crazy,lol. I DO try not step on a line n stay in each block when I walk on some kinda tiled street,lol. I DO fold ALL my plastic bag in triangle to keep them, n they are not just triangle, but have to be EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE!lol. I DO have to organize some of my stuff in order, like good example I always keep bills in order in my wallet... n they all have to be facing same way, n heads down(I've heard, that ways "money" don't go I DON'T like being in a dark place or a small shut place.

Well, I am pretty sure many ppl (probably) have some of those habits. That's why Mr. Monk is so loved by everybody... which is me, (or ppl loves this show because they don't understand him so it's just hilarious???) I would love to meet this guy n be his friend(if he accept... but probably he won't), n I would enjoy being his friend!

Don't forget, I am talking about Mr. Monk... Adrian Monk! Not Tony Shalhoub. I mean I like him as well, as an actor, he was a hopelessly-romantic Italian immigrant guy in sitcom "Wings", he was also an alien who owns a pawn shop in "Men In Black", but yea, he's so perfect being Adrian Monk.

Anyway... I love watching what Mr. Monk does. Everything he does, even though I don't do some of those, but still I really really understand. I understand him so much,lol so I feel close to him!lmao Oh, I can't believe that this show is gonna end soon!!! I can't believe that I won't be able to see Mr. Monk anymore!!! But until then... I will enjoy watching you, Mr. Monk!

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