Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh, it's SO ON!!!!!

Yes, we are starting this war against John's school!

It was started with one phone call from his school's office. It was yesterday, around lunch time, I think... They asked me about our address, so, because I already started to process Michele's pre-school program in the same school, I thought that was about Michele first. But the thing was... because of her paperwork, now they happened to find that our address in not in their district.

OK... The school year already started, n it's been 3weeks. John already has a class room, a teacher, a desk n everything set up. Before the last school year ended, we filled out the paperwork asking "Does you child come back to our school next school year?", with all our address. Top of that, back in April, I went to the school office n asked them if I need to fill out GE form, they said they were not sure so they will call me for that, so I left my name, address and phone number. Did I get any phone call? NO! So of course I would think, I don't have to fill out the GE form!

Now, this is ridiculous. So they transfer my call to Vice Principal. She explain the situation, but she told me that I have to transfer John to another school. And to me, THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. So after that, I called to Department of Education Hawaii. I couldn't talk to the person in charge at the time, but the lady I spoke, she suggested me to talk to not Vice Principal, but talk to Principal.

So I called back to the school, n talked to this Principal....

OMG... this lady... she is a B**CH!!!!!

I was explaining what is going on, of course by this time I was very upset, but this B**CH doesn't know how to listen! She SCREAM BACK TO ME SAYIN,


Can you believe that? She was too busy screaming at me that, she didn't even care the fact this student's father is currently Iraq and this student is having a hard time about it, and he feels very comfortable in school right now!

I yelled back at her "So how can you explain about that I see the students in this same housing area in same school uniform?"

Then she screamed at me, again, n said,

Really? Huh.
I even told her, back in April, I actually tried to filled out GE form, but I never got contact back. She screamed back at me, again, n said,

ENOUGH! I was so done talking to this PSYCHO B**CH!!!

So I called to Navy Family Fleet Service, I explained to her everything, oh she was MAD! She was mad at this school and the Principal! I was like, "Finally! Thank you!!!"

Now she is taking care of this case on her level, n she's taking this to all Navy level. She told me there will be a long process n meetings, but she won't accept any other answer from them but our son stays in the school at least til the end of the school year.

I already don't like this school because of this PSYCHO B**CH Principal, but John likes his teacher, n he is comfortable there. I am not removing our son just because of their ego. And this Principal needs to pay the price. There are so many "fishy" things going on in this school, include the money situations, if they would give us a hard time and wanna play the game, I am willing to bring this to the court, plus I will bring this to the local news.

This is not right. The school, the teachers, and most of all, the Principal, supposed to think about the best for all the students first, but she doesn't care! Oh, BTW, we paid $10 student fee which WE HAD TO. They were checking if everybody paid, so they care about the money, but obviously they didn't check all students information n addresses. So we have this problem, but my very next door(which I AM NOT GOING TO GIVE THEIR NAME TO THE SCHOOL, of course!) didn't get any notice about transferring school! It's all started only because of NOT THE FORM ABOUT JOHN, but the form about totally something else. Which means, if I didn't try to enroll Michele in their pre-school program, they didn't even know anything!

I can't believe this, I can't believe that this lady is actually sitting on the Principal desk. We need to make an action about this!

The school is NOT THE PRINCIPAL'S OWN, but the school means because of the students, the teachers and the parents! She has NO RIGHTS to say that our son does not belong to HER school, she has NO RIGHTS to SCREAM at ANY PARENTS with ANY REASONS, she has NO RIGHTS to CALL A PARENT A LIAR, especially when SHE'S NOT DOING HER JOB!!!

I am very VERY upset, but thanks to all my friends, and all this Navy system, hopefully we will get through this.

But... you know what? IT'S ON!!!

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  1. congrats to you for keeping him in the school and not giving up. That happened once to my oldest daughter way back when...I made such a racket that they kept her in the school as well.

    Way to go Mama,



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