Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Keep Wishing Til I Get: Metropark

OK, before I start this, here's what this about. Like most of girls, I am not an exception. I see it, I want But, you know, as a SAHM, I don't have that kinda money to buy whatever I want. So I see it, I want it, but I can't get that today. That's more like it.

Then if I really really want it, I would even dream about it. Sometimes I forget about it as time goes by, which is not a bad thing, maybe, but at the moment, I really really want it! Probably I am enjoying "wishing" it?

So why don't I keep wishing til I get it!lol I don't know, maybe my hubby will find some clues in here so he can get me something???lol Nah, I am not really counting on that (Well, if you are reading this, honey, then go ahead n surprise me!!!)

Anyway, most of time, when I find something I want, I just wanna talk about it. It would makes me happy


So me n my friend Lani went to Ala Moana Shopping Center(again!) to just do some window shopping(AGAIN!lol). Since last time we found this store called "Metropark", we are so in love with this store!!! Though we haven't bought anything from this store It's just, everytime we go there, it's not "good-time-to-shop" for

But EVERYTIME we go there(well, we've been there only twice), we find not one but a few clothes we REALLY REALLY want! Oh, I should have took some pictures while we were there!(Are we allow to take pics in the store anyway?) Fortunately, I found their web site! <Metropark> Yay, me!! So here's a couple things I

... pretty...
Lush Faux Fur BB Dakota vest $79

It looked much better in the store...
Metropark Space Dye Animal Print Top $49

This one matches perfect with hot pink tank top!
Crash & Burn Love Will Tear Us Apart Tee $54

Here's the one for you, Lani!
Crash & Burn Brass Knuckle & Sparrow Ella Tee $49

N, this is what I just found on the
Crush & Burn Live Fast & Free Tee $59

See, you know what I They have so many sexy/cute/cool/hot clothes! I love it! I gotta get one of their clothes... But til then, I'll keep wishing it!

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