Monday, August 17, 2009

Back 2 Busy "mom" Days...

UGH! Here I am, back to busy BUSY Most likely, thanks to John's school work. I mean, I feel bad for him. I don't really remember that I studied so hard when I was in 1st grade. Did I even have tests???

OK, enough I had a great weekend with my friends(which reminds me that I totally forgot to upload the pics from my camera...), n I had some good time with my friend today as well. So I suppose, I recharged...?

Well, anyway, being busy is a good thing now. Especially I am enjoying it, even though I get stressed out with John's school I think I really love being a mom.

Since I was a little girl... well, may not be a little, but like early-teen, maybe? I always thought I was gonna be a working woman, not just a working woman but SUPER working woman. It was not like a dream or anything, but I thought I was gonna be like that. I never actually imagined to be a regular "mom". It sounded so boring to a girl who like excitement.

But now, I love being busy with kids over being busy working. N I would say, there are tons of excitement being a mom! When I was a working mom... I couldn't even enjoy these excitement. I was like, wake up - get ready for work - wake kids up - get kids ready - take kids to school - go to work - working - working - working - go home - pick kids up from school - get ready for dinner - eat dinner - put kids in bath - take a shower myself - go to bed. Everyday was like that. Like everything was on "to do" list, everything was chores... Now I get to have some stress with kids! How great is that!lol

So even though I complain about it, I'm actually liking it.:):):0:D

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