Monday, August 3, 2009

What do you call this, again?

So I did it! After I control myself (with Caplico's help), I finally finished this project! I should have started a long time ago, I didn't even touch it til

So whatever you call this, this box tray looking thing which kids put in their desks in school, obviously this was second time for me to make.

Of course, it's me talkin here, A.K.A. "Obsessively Crafty", even the last one was made soooo strong n water You never know, kids might put some a-half-eaten-apple in there, may starts to mold. So it's gotta be water N it's also has to be very strong. They will drop it when they try to pull it from the desk. Anyway, when John brought it back home when he graduate the kindergarten, it was still in perfect shape! A-ha!lmao

So why didn't I let him use same thing? No! My pride wouldn't let me do that to my son!lmao Nah, I just wanted to make a new

Anyway, I made it strong, taped all over, n this year, I made with John's favorite WWE n Super Mario. I used those trading cards, just cut a lil bit so it can fit(again, it has to fit PERFECTLY!!!), then taped all over again. Of course he loved it! Oh, I am sooo proud of myself!!

BTW... We can just BUY these thing in

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  1. The box looks great!

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