Sunday, August 9, 2009

Movie Night: Confessions of a Shopaholic

Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009)

When I watched: August 8, 2009
Where I watched: Home, PPV

Wow, 3 movies in one I guess I was in a "movie" mood.

Very cute movie. I mean, all cute clothes, a cute love story, a friendship... Yes, but this one got a very sharp point to many girls... just it's said in the title.

I was a shopaholic. Well, I'm probably still But I was really a shopaholic when I was single. So it sounded Like try to avoid the phone calls from credit companies, or asking myself if I really need that, n most of time I answered "yes" to myself... So I was totally there!lol

N, that's so true, when I found something more important, I really don't need all that! Now my family is more important for me, so at least I don't buy crazy for myself... well, I still buy kinda crazy for kids... I guess I am still a shopaholic?lol

Back to the movie, I love watching all those chick flicks' happy ending, though they always have same flow... They met - not really good impression to each other first - getting closer - start attracted to each other - their first kiss - some kinda misunderstanding - but they realize that she/he really loves him/her - go find him/her - happily ever after - the Right? This movie was same way. But you know what? Even though I know this theory, I still love watching all these chick flick! Because they are so cute!!!

Now, talk about the "guy" in this movie... let's admit, guys with British accent are attractive Well, they sound smart!lol N, smart guys are very attractive, right?lol Like Jude Law, n Colin Firth in "Bridget Jones's Diary". What's with that???lol

OK, I love chick flick. I am glad I ended this movie-a-thon night with a chick

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