Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sick nights... What is this thing anyway!?

I totally had a relaxing day today... I was gonna take kids out, but Michele started throwing up last night, n there it was, same thing as John, she continued throwing up every 20 to 30mins., til 4am, total of 9 times... Poor baby... So I ended up sleeping in the bathroom again. Oh, my body hurt so bad this

What is this thing anyway? Well I found out from John's teacher, many kids in his class plus his teacher got sick all same time, which means it came from his class... The good thing was, they didn't get any fever or anything else... at least my kids didn't. Just over-night thing, even though it was very very bad. By the next morning, they are fine as usual. But obviously it's very contagious. I haven't got it yet...?

Well, over a month ago, I actually had a similar thing. Mine started with a heavy migraine. Well so, I thought it was a migraine. I have that sometimes. N when it gets worse, I will have vomiting as well. So I did, n I still thought it was because of that migraine. So I took all kind of headache medicines, but it didn't get any better. Then I started to get dehydrated... only I didn't realize that... SO, my face color turned GREEN(not pale, because I'm so, I couldn't even walked to the bathroom, I had to crawl there... I didn't have fever either. Then I remembered that I've heard when we get dehydrated, the temperature would go down... So I drank my sports drink(from Japan... It works SO WELL!), then right after that, I felt heat... Stupid me, then finally I realized that it was not a migraine anymore, but it was some kinda flu!lol So I took NyQuil, n it never fail...

So what I had was probably not exactly same as my kids had. But the way of vomiting was so similar. Throwing up again n again didn't make me feel any better! So I knew how they exactly felt like... Poor my babies...

Again, good thing, they are totally fine... My body might hurt a lil bit, but it's totally worth it!

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