Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer Slam 2009 - Taker takes ALL

Well, not really all. I just wanted to say N I gotta make a statement again... This blog is TOTALLY "Self-Satisfaction" blog, so probably none of my readers would even care about, but WWE is a BIG THING to me!

Well, the first half of Summer Slam was really cool. Rey-Rey won, MVP won, Cryme Tyme was very close...
Then... Are you ready?

DX! I mean, damn... They are too fun!!! I am so glad they are back N it was very good to see Sweet Chin Music again! Of course they won.:):)

Now, John Cena vs. Randy Orton... WTH was that??? I would say, that was one of worst matches... I mean, too comfusing, then a fan came in the ring n totally stopped the match a second? It was just wrong!!!

Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk, TLC match... OK, I like Jeff Hardy, but he's way too extream... too suicidal... Is that really safe??? Nobody don't need to stop him??? Well he was alright, after all? But he lost the title... n I didn't like that...

BUT! Then all lights in the arena went off! You know what that means.:):):)(I mean, if you are a WWE

Yes! The Undertaker is BACK!!! Wow, that was too COOL!!! I was not happy about the result of the last two matches, but I would never give up on WWE, they know what we would like!lol

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