Saturday, August 15, 2009

Alamoana Shopping Day

But I didn't really shop for That's what I wanted to do today though. Michele got her school backpack at Disney store, it was like a half off, I love that Anyway, Michele possibly be able to get in the free pre-school program in the same school John goes to, because of her speech delay. So she's already so excited about it, I hope she'll be accepted.

N I got some books at Barnes & Noble... I got "Where (he Wild Things Are", n bought that monster doll(I haven't read that book yet so I don't know the name of that monster) so John would be more into the story, I thought...

I want my kids to be always "kids", well I let them watch WWE n stuff, but what I mean is, I want my kids to enjoy "kids" stuff as well. Now there are awesome games, all character toys n stuff, which my kids have a lot of those too, but I also want them to experience those old days' kids stuff, like when they didn't have all games n stuff...

So another thing I bought for kids today is those crystals n shiny rocks at Thinker Toys. My kids loves finding shiny rocks. Unfortunately there are not really enough to find around here... So I guess I use "my" imagination n add some stories with

God, I love being a mom... I love to shop for kids, n get excited!lmao

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