Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Positive Thoughts 101: You will find Happiness even in your ordinary life

Wow... I just find this word in one of my favorite Japanese blogs, well it's not her word, she was introducing one book(of course Japanese...), n this quote was in the book... sounds like there are 100 of DAMN GREAT POSITIVE QUOTES in that book... I MUST get it... I already sent a request e-mail to my So, I'm sorry it's not my original, but I'll use it here...

#3 You will find Happiness even in your ordinary life
OK, there was a explanation for this. It goes...

"You might become popular if you do something difference, but you could also annoy or bore people. You will find Happiness even in your ordinary life."

Well, true. Very true. I have one opinion about this explanation though. Though it's very true, we shouldn't be afraid to do something difference. That's my opinion.

So I would say, forget about the explanation,(no offence!) n read that quote again. "You will find Happiness even in your ordinary life." OK, I take this quote as...

Don't see your ordinary life as boring life. There is actually Happiness if you take a deep breath then see n enjoy every single moment.

"I have to clean the house..." can be
"It's so nice to relax in the clean house!"

"I have to cook dinner again..." can be
"What can I try today? I hope everybody is gonna like it!"

"I don't have any plan... nothing to do..." can be
"I have a lot of time... What can I do?"

"I don't even have time to relax!" can be
"Everybody needs me, I am glad that I actually do something for somebody!"

"Ugh! Kids don't leave me alone!" can be
"Let's have fun with kids! Every moments with them will be our precious memory..."

See? The point is not what it is, but how you look at it. Then your ordinary life wouldn't be so bad after all, don't you think?

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