Monday, August 10, 2009


John's got his first "1st-grade homework" today. I was expecting a couple of papers copied from some text books. I checked in his backpack, there were 2 notebook inside... hmmm...

One was it's said his school's hand book... regular note book size, n inside is like 2page-weekly planner. For this week, his teacher already put what he has to do... which means his homework... on each day. Hmmm. Well it would be helpful, I guess.

The other one is one of the composition book I sent with him, now it's labeled as "Reading Notebook". I opened inside, it's made for "Reading Log" for the first half, n "Vocabulary List" for the end half. "Reading Log", ok, I understand... "Vocabulary List", there is already one list attached...

As on the hand book schedule said, these are the word he has to study as homework from today to Wednesday, n according to the schedule, he will have a test for these words... There are 36 words... Are you serious??? He just started 1st grade!!

N there is a note of suggestion for us, parents, to make flash cards for kids... Flash cards... Hmmm... So I made this.

For today, I let him do write down half of the words repeatedly on his notebook. I guess he's gonna do the other half tomorrow. Then I will use these cards on Wednesday...?

But... 36 words??? Really??? Well, it's all easy words, but still... When he came home from school today, he was so exhausted so he needed to take a nap. After nap, it was already dinner time, then after that, he studied for an hour n a half. Then he had to take a shower, then bedtime... Is 1st-grader's life supposed to be this busy n hard???

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