Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Peanut Butter Cookies

Have you tried this Crisco recipe?

When we were still in San Diego, one of my friend made us very yummy peanut butter cookies. It was sooooo good! So I asked her the recipe. She handed to me this recipe card n told me that it's actually very easy "Crisco" recipe. Hmmm... So I tried. Yes, it is easy to make, n yes, it's yummy! Since then, I use this cookie recipe...

OK, if you've never tried it yet, I am not gonna put the recipe here this time, just go get "Crisco" sticks cuz you will need it anyway, n you will get the recipe! When you buy Crisco sticks, there are a couple of recipes inside. I've tried this peanut butter cookies n chocolate chip cookies so far... It's super easy, n everybody's favorite!

Oh, I put chocolate(that's from Easter sale... I bought a few of on top of the cookies, right after it came out of the oven so the chocolate melt a lil bit n it's soooooo good!

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