Thursday, July 23, 2009

Window Shoppin' Fun

Dammit! I totally forgot to take pictures of this fun time today!lol I went out with my best friend Lani, just for window shopping... Yep, I'm broke! I spent too much money for John's b-day... Oh, So we went to the mall, but you know, window shopping could be so much fun, all depends on who you go with!

Me n Lani are always finding some fun everywhere... We are bad Well, besides finding cute things n adding them to the wish list, just finding so many curious things, mysterious fashion... I guess we are just talking bad?

Like, there were these red lollipops sold in Borders. It caught my eye, n I froze a second... WTH? When they start to sell adult novelties? Am I in Spencer's??? Yep, that lollipops looked like man's pe**s!! God, I should have taken a picture of that... Well it was actually... well, supoosed to be an airplane or a spaceship or something... But I had Lani look at it right away, n she had a same reaction! Yay! It's not just me!lol

So, these things, we find n we laugh... It's just so fun... I guess I am still in "girl" category, not "lady"category... in a good

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  1. Thanks for the follow! Stopping by to follow you back. I love reading your posts, I have a college friend from Hawaii and I can almost hear you talking while I read it! And I'm hungry, just read your post about the rolls you made! :)


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