Friday, July 24, 2009

Positive Thoughts 101: Have your own Imaginary Worlds

Being positive will lead you to the happiness.

Fortunately I am "born postive", I guess. I am the person who cannot think negative... well even if I did, it wouldn't last any longer than over night. When something bad happenes to me, my mind automatically think the positive way of it. And it just let me get out from any negative thoughts. I would say, I am SO DAMN GOOD about
So I will start to make a list n share how I do that... trying to remember what I do and how I do... I have to tell you first, it can be very But if you are having stay positive, you may wanna give it a try!

#1: Have your own Imaginary Worlds

Hello, my name is Maki, I'm 34yrs-old, and I have my own Imaginary

I told you it can be very But I tell you what, sometimes...not all the time... sometimes, you gotta get out of the real world! Well, I don't go to my Imaginary World anytime I want, that would be very What I do is, when I go to bed... I close my eyes, n totally stop thinking about the real world, n think about me in somewhere else.

My favorite world is "living and traveling on a big cloud"

This has been in my Imaginary World for a LONG TIME... I believe I mentioned to my hubby once, n he told me that I'm Oh, well... nobody can stop from what I imagine in my dream, right?

Actually this "living and traveling on a big cloud" thing came from, I believe, the one story art what I saw when I was little. I was like 4 or 5yrs old, I think. I still kinda remember about the art. The story was the famous Chinese story in Japan, "Saiyuki", which story about the monkey boy called Son Goku n his friends' adventure, but this Son Goku rides on a cloud called Kintonun... Well well, it's very old story(just so let you know I'm not talking about Dragon Ball). So there was this story art on the wall, I think it was inside the mall... So it was very big n fun for especially little kids. I was very young, even before I started to think like "oh, this is my favorite" or anything. It just stayed in my mind all my life, I guess.

So back to the point. When I go to bed, I just go to somewhere else fun... It's not same everyday, I have quite a few world on my Everybody should have their fantasy, right? I'm not talking about, well if you say that's your fantasy n want it to be your imaginary world, that's fine... but I'm talking about somewhere fun, no stress, not existing world. Could be from some movies, books, or cartoons!

Haha, now you think I'm crazy!lol Well, don't worry, I don't bring this world to my real When I wake up every morning, I'm back to a 34yrs-old mom/wife! And continue my real life without any negative thoughts, everything just so looks wonderful when I start a day. Because there are tons of great possibilities waiting for me...

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