Sunday, July 26, 2009

Night of Champions

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Well... John Cena n Triple H couldn't get the title, but Christian won, Kofi Kingston won, Rey Rey won, n Jeff Hardy won... So... it was good!

I invited my friend Lani n her kids, well actually John totally got her younger son into all this WWE, so I allow John to bring all WWE action figures n toy downstairs. End up, kids were more into playing, as usual for John, me n Lani enjoyed the show... more like watching all hot wrestlers...lmao

Many guys would say "But it's fake." I KNOW! It says in their comapany name, "World Wrestling ENTERTAINMENT"! But you know what? They are well trained, plus they have to remember all script as well, n most of all they are strong enough to sprit all each one of you guys who complain about them in half!!! Haha, I'm just one of Well, so I want all of you to give it a try n watch whenever you get a chance, n this time, watch it as "Entertainment". They keep maintain theirselves very good, n very professional about the show business. So if you watch it this way... You may find something in there you've never seen...

BTW... Who am I talking to?lmao

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