Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

I guess I'm the only one who's ready to go to bed here... We woke up early this morning, I mean REALLY early! We woke up so early, John n Michele passed out n took a nap today... Now of course they are WIDE awake! Well few more days til the school really starts, so I am lettin kids stay up longer... But my eye rids are so heavy...

When did I become the person who needs AT LEAST 8hrs. sleep every day? When I was around 20yrs-old, I didn't need to sleep, really! I didn't wanna waste time for sleeping! I was working day n night, partying, dating, chatting... I was a very very busy girl, was enjoying my FULL life!

Yea, say it! I know what you want to say! Yes, I know, I know, I am not a 20yrs-old girl anymore! I am 34yrs-old woman with 2 active non-stop laughing bags for God's sake! I cannot compare myself to those young girls, right?

But do you wanna know what I really think? I think that each human has their own total-sleeping-time.lmao Everybody's numbers are difference, but each one of us has certain number of hours for the life.

So I didn't sleep not really enough when I was young, now I need to get some sleeping hours to catch up... or I will be living like til 2100.lmao

Hahaha. That's one of my Yep, there are a few, actually... But tonight, I only share this one... Cuz now, my eye rids really wanna kiss their partners... Nighty-night!

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