Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Farm Town

So this is what I've been Farm Town on Facebook. This is my farm. I recently changed it to a It's very addictive, I mean it's very cute I think, of course it's fun. Have friends in neighbors, sending gifts to friends, hiring them for havesting n plowing, get coins n points, buying some seeds, trees, flowers, animals n houses too... Good thing, they keep improving the game, so it's getting better n

I even made some GOOD FT friends. We can meet some ppl in Market Place to hire n stuff, n if we like their job(basically if they are nice...), we can add them on the buddy list. But to make them be in the neighbor, they have to be your FB friends. So I actually made some FB friends from FT. My husband was like "uh.... dear, who are these ppl?", n I was like, "oh, they are my Farm friends!"lmao. Unfortunately he's not playing FT yet... well it's kinda hard to play these games in Iraq... But I hope he will start after he comes

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