Friday, July 24, 2009

Movie Night: He's Just Not That into You

When I watched: July 24, 2009
Where I watched: Home, PPV

God... This movie was SO GOOD! It made me laugh, it made me cry(a lil bit... probably it's just me...) too.

It just caught me from the beginning, just couldn't agree more! All stories sound soooo familiar with me n my past relationships or "was-not-even" This movie is all about relationship between men and women. And that's ALL SO TRUE!!! Wow... I mean, I am not a guy, obviously,lol but I am pretty sure most of guys would agree with this movie too.

Plus, how each stories end was great! My favorite love story in this movie is Gigi n Alex. Yes, there are guys like Alex out there, n there are A LOT of girls just like Gigi. BTW, this Alex, Justin Long looks very familiar... Oh, that's right! He was the geek-tech guy in "Live Free or Die Hard"! Even he's not my type at all, after watching this movie, he looks attractive to me now...lmao I mean, talking about only looks, then I would totally go for Ben, Bradley Cooper(Ugh! He's HOT!), but if looking at total, then Alex would be my type.

I definitely want ALL GIRLS to watch this movie... n if you are with your boy friend/husband, then watch together. This is a chick flick, but guys can enjoy too. This is now, totally one of my favorites... I just can't wait to talk about this movie with my friends too!

P.S. To Chris... In case you are reading this... I'm just girls' talkin here so don't get jealous!lmao

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  1. Hello to you,

    Hope you are having a great weekend. Wanted to let you know, Jake passed away a few years ago from old age. He was an amazing dog, one of the best I have every had!!
    Take care & Be safe.



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