Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fried Pork

Our tonight's dinner is... Fried Pork! Well, I was gonna make Japanese style Fried Chicken actually, I defrosted the wrong meat... So we ate pork 2 days in a row!lol We had cabbage left over from last night... N I could use it today too... BTW, why always(my opinion) pork n cabbage work very well together?

Pork Tender Loin
Salt n Pepper
Panko(Japanese Bread Crumb)

1. Heat the oil. I use my deep fryer 380 degrees. Cut pork into a bite size. Line them up on a cutting board. Beat the meat with the back of knife. Salt n pepper the meat. Flip'em n do same process.
2. Put some flour(I would say 1 to 1 1/2 cups should be enough) in a ziploc bag. Put the meat in the same bag. Shake it!
3. Beat eggs in a bowl. Set a plate with Panko next to eggs. Take 1 piece of the meat from the bag, dunk in eggs very well, then put the meat on Panko plate. Cover the meat with Panko. When you put Panko on the meat, give a lil pressure so Panko would stick on the meat very well. Do same process all the meat.
4. Deep fry the pork til it float, n see less bubbles. Take them out n put on some paper towels. Japanese Panko is used often in the Food Network shows(that's what I heard), it's a lil difference than regular one, I guess. No flavor to it. You probably can find @ Oriental food isle in any grocery stores.

You could try with pork chops, but I like using tender loin.

Oh, one more thing! Please don't forget! It's flour - eggs - Panko, NOT flour - Panko - eggs!lol I gave the recipe to one of my friends, n she did She's cute doin that

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