Monday, July 20, 2009

My Berry n Me

Do you know how important your cell phone is in your life? Cell phones are no longer just phones for us... Especially those who use smartphones... Mine is Blackberry Curve 8900. N I LOVE THIS LIL GUY!!
Last night, my phone stareted 2 have some problems. I noticed my e-mails icons were not showing... N I couldn't open e-mails, I couldn't send one either. First I thought it's just some kind of system error... But I was kinda worried bout this lil guy, so I tried a couple of things, I rebooted, took sim card out, tried to restore from the computer... But nothing worked. I realized it was already 4am, so I gave up n hoping it will be back 2 normal when I wake up...
I woke up, the first thing I checked was of course my berry... It showed I have 21 new messages... but I couldn't open... OK, there must be really something's wrong with my lil guy... He must be ultra sick... Fortunately I could still make phone calls. So I called T-mobile... I don't have a house phone, so I had to call n get a solution, hung up n try, still not workin n call'em back, get another solution, hung up n try... I don't even remember how many times I called'em, n every time I had 2 explain everything. But it's all for my berry...
Finally one of T-mobile representatives transfered my call 2 Blackberry customer care. This was actually not the first time for me 2 talk 2 them. I've talk 2 them when I had an another issue before... But anyway... They are really specialist... I mean, REALLY! They are like ultra smart ppl plus very nice supportive, very very professional ppl. I mean T-mobile customer service is great too, but most of them are not specialists of every phones. So when I talk 2 a couple of representatives, they say all difference thing. But when I talk 2 Blackberry ppl, they know exactly what I am talking about, they know what exactly is the problem, n they know what exactly I need to do. They know how 2 lead us 2 fix the problem, I don't have 2 explain more than once. You know when u talk 2 somebody n even before u say everything he/she knows what exactly you are talking about? N u would say "Exactly!" n getting excited talking 2 them? That's them. They make me feel comfortable talking about the problem. So I knew I could count on them. I wish I could speak 2 them from the beginning, but they obviously charge... Of course no free services are this good, huh?lol But if I call 2 T-mobile first, n they decided 2 transfer 2 Blackberry support cuz they couldn't help me, then it's free for me. I started 2 like having difficult problems which T-mobile cannot answer, just so I can talk 2 Blackberry ppl...lmao
Anyway, I finally could talk 2 one of them, I explained 2 him a lil bit, n he understood what's the problem right away! They really wow me So I followed what he told me to do, n Ta-Da! My berry's back!!! I missed berrying so Now it's official... I cannot live without my Blackberry!
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