Monday, July 27, 2009

Glove... Ballon... Cut... Ouch!.. Ginger... W-Ouch!... n Dora...

We went to Tripler today... just went for my friend Lani's She got one of those rubber glove which for nurses n doctors, but she got one for Michele. Well, no reason, but you know, kids love those stuff! So I blow it up just like a balloon, that's the first thing I thought what to do with But the problem was that glove doesn't stretch like a balloon, I mean blowin up part wasn't the problem, but to tie up... It was so tight on my finger, it didn't le me tie!!! So I end up scraping my skin of my finger with my nail... Well, Michele is very happy with it so it was worth it, maybe?lol

We came home, n I was preparing my pork ginger. So I was peelin it... You know, gingers are not round, not square, it's like thick branch... N when you peel those thing, you supposed to move knife toward to you... So I did... OUCH! I totally hit my lil cut with the knife!!! Well, I didn't cut or anything, it didn't bleed or anything either... But I hit right on the target!!! N just to make it worse, the ginger juice covered on my finger... It F-ing HURTS!!!

I hope this Dora bandage will make my boo-boo go

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