Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Box from Japan

Yay! I got a box from my mom in Japan! She often sends us boxes filled with this all Japanese snacks n candies n chocolates n cookies...

Japanese snacks are THE BEST! If you've never tried one yet, you may wanna find it somewhere Like they make all snacks with all best qualities, new techniques n recipes, plus they even consider about healthy too. So there're not bright unnatural colors to it, but they still look so good n fun. They really think n learn what ppl would like to buy n stuff, so those packages are very fun, but also inside, actual snacks taste very good as well. I guess Japanese are very picky with I didn't appreciate it to all these stuff when I lived in Japan, but since I moved to U.S., I really think Japanese foods are great. I don't wanna give kids those bright colored candies, which make their tongues colored as well, n it said "Cherry flavor" but it doesn't taste like Cherry at all(more taste like Dr. Pepper?)... Well they've got no choice n eat'em sometimes, which I am not very strict about it, but they even prefer Japanese snacks... Cuz they know those are much yummier!!

Since we are in Hawaii, I can get some of those @ Japanese stores, but they are very expensive, I almost don't wanna give it to So my mom, a wonderful grandma to my kids, often send us boxes filled with these suprises... I love my mom!

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