Thursday, July 30, 2009

Positive Thoughts 101: Look at the Sky

I LOVE looking at the sky... You probably can see that if you've read Positive Thoughts 101: #1 Have your own Imaginary Worlds, by me saying I have my imaginary world, living n traveling on a big cloud... Yes, I'm in love with the sky with this all clouds... Well, I like the blue sky with no clouds, it's just beautiful, but all those clouds... Wow! me every time... So...

#2 Look at the Sky

It really doesn't matter any sky. Each sky has a difference charm point.

I personally like the sky with clouds... as I already said. Many ppl find shapes in clouds, but that's not how I You know it already, but I just use my imagination n on each clouds, there are ppl They are traveling just like on a big cruise ship. There may be villages too. Haha.

But I also like the sunset time sky. You know, that's the sky which has light blue n purple n orange n red... all those colors create a beautiful gradation... That's one of the most beautiful things in the world...

N when it's sunny but rainin a lil bit, you may be able to find the sun light peek from only one spot of all raining clouds... it's so mysterious... but beautiful... Just make me think there is God looking at us...

In Hawaii, we can also enjoy the view of Rainbows... Very often. It's always fun to look at Rainbows. N, yes, I am the person who would try to go to the foot of a

Anyway, overall, looking at the sky will give you energy in your mind, n WILL make you happier. Like it makes us feel that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Yay! That's the positive thoughts! So now, just get out of the house, look at the sky... What do you see?

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