Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dare to be Great


I've received this "Dare to be Great" Award from Lori @When We Listen! It's such an honor n the very wonderful thing to know that we can meet another great friends via this social networks...

I started my blog to express myself without grabbin somebody's arm n make them listen to For myself, to express my thoughts on my blog, actually makes me more postive n active. And I thought, only ppl who have same thoughts would read, if nobody won't, then oh well, that's alright. That's what I thought first.

But by reading many ppl's blogs... OMG... there are so many ppl feels same way(I think) or even some other way which make me re-think about it... I could agree with so many ppl who I really don't know, but because of these blogs, I feel so close to them! How great is that?

Well not only blogs, but this whole social networks, it seems a little too much at the beginning, but as much as I dig, more I understand how great it is! I've met some great friends via Facebook as well... I mean, we probably will never meet in person, but don't you think it's just great to have few more ppl who may live the other side of country, or even the world, that you can say "Hello!" to? Isn't it nice to know that there are some ppl who have same thoughts as you?

I mean, unfortunately there are some bad ppl who take an advantage of this technology n do bad things too. So I totally understand that some ppl feel unsecure about this whole social network thing. Fortunately for me, I've met so many great ppl thru the internet, ppl who I actually wanna call "my friends". Even the friends who I met OFF the internet, I could get to know more about them thru this social networks. N the great thing about this is, it let me keep connected with all my friends...

Thank you Lori to create this idea n letting me to be a part of this. And all of my friends(who I've been talking about this couple of days...), I wanna say thank you again! Love you all!

I would love to pass this award on to all of my friends... but this award is more for those bloggers who are helping others by sharing the thoughts on their blogs. I will read through my favorites blogs, n I would like to send this award to them. Thank you!

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