Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thank You All for Being My Friends...

I just want to say...

Thank you all for being my friends!

Believe or not, I do have some kind of "persecution complex"(??? I used my dictionary... does it make sense?) about I am a Japanese. As you know, I do act like one of you all... like American?lol I do love the life here in United States. I do love the way you think... So I just want to blend in one of you...

But in the end, I am Japanese. Fortunately all my friends don't care about that at all. I mean, it probably not a big deal about Well, I am actually a proud Japanese as well. OK, now I am confusing you, huh?lol

My point is... Probably most of foreigners, not only here in U.S., but anywhere, most of us have some kind of feeling like this, I think. Especially when we really want to be a part of the country... It's not that we are having hard times to blend in, but it's probably something that we cannot avoid to feel...

But here, my friends... All of my friends here in this country(and some from the other countries as well...), you make me very comfortable being here. I am a very lucky girl to have you all... Of course starting with my hubby Chris, thank you for letting me being in your life... And all of you, my friends... I love you all so much! Because of you, I can be so happy everyday!

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  1. Thank you for being my friend. I appreciate the support you give me and my daughter. And you can cook for me anytime...Yummy pictures you have here.

    Love ya,


  2. Thanks for being my BF!!! You have changed so much about my life for the better!!! I want you to know that...thank you for being so good to my family and being part of my family!!! Thats are part of my family!! your stuck with me forever!!! lmao

  3. Good Morning to you,

    When you get a chance please stop by There is a special post from me to you and other wonderful women like yourself. Thanks for being my friend.


  4. so nice!!! natalee


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